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Quilt Africa Fabrics

Yellow Scraps

Yellow Scraps

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Scrap bags in Yellow Fabrics💛

These scrap bags are your ticket to creative freedom.

Whether you're new to quilting or an experienced quilt artist, these colorful scraps provide instant inspiration for collages, impromptu projects and adding pops of pattern to your quilts.

Each bag contains a variety of smaller fabric pieces in an array of prints and colors, giving you more options to experiment and play.

Just reach in, pull out a few scraps and see where they lead you. Before long you'll be combining scraps in ways you never imagined, adding texture and whimsy to your work.

So don't hesitate - treat yourself to these scrap bags and unleash your inner quilt genius!

Each piece is made of 100% cotton.

Shipping Notice: Your order will take about 21 days to reach you once you place your orders. Most times, I have 2 use 2 carriers to get your orders to your doorstep from my city in Nigeria.
In peak times, it might take longer to arrive, which is rare, but be rest assured your order will definitely arrive.

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