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The Quilt Africa Fabrics Story!

  • The Quilt Africa Fabrics Online Show: A Mission

    This year's event is happening from July 8-11, 2020.

    Our speakers are from Africa and other parts of world, skilled people who are passionate about the crafts and have found a place for African Fabrics in their creativity.

    There will also be different events such as a Show and Tell, HeadWrap Classes and so much more.


  • My Very First Quilt!

    Sometime 4 years ago, I got obsessed with quilting. Every free chance I got, I'd go on Pinterest and browse and browse, searching and looking at th...
  • How the Quilt Africa Fabrics Story Began

    It was from my mother that I learnt to appreciate fabric, colour, texture, patterns and grew to love the smell of 100% cotton African prints, it smells like no other, a mix of natural fibers and dyes.