Our Story

African prints are beautiful!

Bold and interesting patterns, beautiful and vibrant colours! They come in 100% cotton and weighty enough to make very good quality quilts. Though not popular in my country, in quilting, I've found an outlet for my creativity and the perfect medium that reflected me, my culture and everything familiar to me.

I decided to make African prints and fabrics available in precuts to fellow quilters around the world; to those who have a connection to Africa or who are just intrigued by her vibrancy and are eager to use her fabrics in their quilts.

All through my childhood, my mother took me along on her African prints buying trips at the busy fabric markets in Lagos and taught me to help her cut up the fabrics for resale to her customers. Her fabrics business supplemented my father's income and helped take care of our home.

It seems I have come full circle.

I am happy to use everything I learnt from my mum to provide the best quality African fabrics for your quilting journeys