Quilt Africa Fabrics is an online fabrics store that supplies African fabrics out of Africa to your doorstep!

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In The Spirit Of Africa...

Using African fabrics will inspire you to push your creative boundaries and help you become more colour-confident.

Our goal in Quilt Africa Fabrics is to feed your creativity by opening you up to more.

We want to stir up and channel your creativity to new mediums, methods and levels of skill.

The Quilt Africa Tribe is a lively international community of quilters and textile artists from around the world who love the vibrant and bold colours of African fabrics.

We are about ten thousand strong across our social media platforms and newsletter list from all the continents of the world.

We are creatives of all skill levels who share their work, struggles and triumphs along their journey.

We cheer on and root for each other to keep digging deep and stay true to our personal truths.

Join Us To:

🔸Improve Your Creative Skills.

🔸Learn New Ways of Using African Fabrics.

🔸Get Together and Rub Minds With Creatives From All Over The World.

🔸Hear the Stories Surrounding
African Fabrics.

What To Expect As A Member Of The Quilt Africa Tribe!!

  • 24/7 Access From Anywhere In The World

    Quilt Africa Fabrics is 100% online.

    That means you can shop, chat with other members of our community or catch up on any class at any time from the comfort of your home!

  • Rub Minds With Quilters From Different Continents

    As a global community, our members are from all over the world.

    Be sure to join our private Facebook community and so you can connect with the entire Quilt Africa Fabrics Tribe.

  • Stay Inspired, Stay Busy!

    Join our free and paid group Challenges, Workshops and Annual Summit where we stretch and expand our creative bandwidth with trainings and group projects on Quilting Basics, Traditional Piecing, Quilt Portraits and so much more!

  • Give Back!

    Join our vision let's do our bit, a little at a time and put smiles on people's  faces by making a difference to those who need a helping hand.

    We donate quilts,lightweight personal hygiene items, smaller stuffed toy, pens, pencils, eraser, notebooks etc.

What Our Tribe Members Have To Say...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I live and run Quilt Africa from Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria in West Africa.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping out of Africa is still a bit of a challenge but I've put in systems to get your fabrics to you in 14 days.

How do I buy continuous yards/metres?

I stock 1-3 yard cuts in the store occasionally. I also show fabrics live in our Facebook Group every now and then.

You can request to join our Facebook Tribe Here: 


You can also send me a message with your requests and I will work with you to ensure you get what you want.

Is shipping expensive?

Shipping is strictly by weight out of Nigeria and that's where most of the cost accrues.

That means you might find shipping a little higher than you are used to but I'm always working on ways to keep them reasonable keeping in mind that many many miles/kilometers separate us.

What is a Mystery Bundle?

The Mystery Bundle is our signature way of providing you with a great variety of fabrics.

It is a collection of fabrics specially selected by me in different cuts and complimentary colours.

They are available in red, green, blue, African yellow-gold, pink and purple and occasionally infrequently available colours like orange and teal.

Can I buy in wholesale quantities?

Yes, you certainly can!Simply send me a message on miriam@quiltafricafabrics.com and I will send you our current wholesale prices and shipping options. 

I still have questions! 

If you still have questions, feel free to send me an email at miriamgbenson@quiltafricafabrics.com

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