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Quilt Africa Fabrics

Connecting The Dots Between African Patterns & Quilting

Connecting The Dots Between African Patterns & Quilting

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I am very excited to present a teaching series of 12 parts based on the theme of our  last Block of the Month & Guild 'A Quilters Journey Through Africa In Patterns'.

I had heard/read somewhere that most quilting patterns were created by African slaves who remembered the patterns of their African cultures and re-created them in cloth.

That piqued my curiosity and I began to search through popular African patterns that cut through cultures and I found similarities.

Patterns such as the Pinwheel, Orange Peel, 9-patch, Flying Geese and more, seemed to have strong similarities to popular African patterns that were common to many African tribes.

Like detectives we set out on our journey and were pleased with our discoveries!

In this mini-course, I collate our discoveries based on 12 popular quilting patterns and their comparable African patterns.

The strength and emphasis of our journey in this course is to explore the stories behind the African patterns and not to verify claims of origin.

I share the meanings of these patterns and pull back the curtain to share the African mindset, point of view and stories that surround the patterns.

Once you sign up, you will receive:

  • 12 recorded sessions.
  • In each session, I'll compare the African and quilting pattern, share the meaning and stories.
  • Each session will be linked to a tutorial of the quilting pattern we are spotlighting, so you can create it if you choose to.
  • You will also receive a bonus e-book on the introduction to indigenous African fabrics.


Please note that due to the nature of delivering the course, each purchase of this course is final.

No refunds available.

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