An African Christmas ChallengešŸŽ„

Joy To The World!

Join Us for theĀ AfricanĀ ChristmasĀ Challenge!Ā 

Creating a Christmas quilt that isn't too 'christmassy'.

Christmas in Africa is a big deal! Everything literary shuts downĀ 

from a few days to Christmas till the New Year.

It's also that time of the year when we all leave the cities where we

work and go back home to our ancestral villages.


This is for several reasons - to see parents, and extended family

weĀ don't get to see during the other busy months of the year.

There are family, clan, age-group, tribal and other meetings.

Weddings, installation of chiefs, conferment of titles and other honours,

festivals and ceremonies are planned for this period when

everyone is home from wherever they are around the world.

African Christmases are not overtly Chrismassy, colour themed

by green and red, putting up lights, decorating trees,

stockings or wrapped gifts.


The emphasis is mostly on family and friends - parties,

gifts of clothing and food and focus on our Christmas carols in

schools, churches and end-of year parties at work.


This is why I was drawn to Kate Spain's Joy pattern.Ā 

It's a celebration of Christmas without the modern day

symbols that typify Christmas - snowman, tree,

wrapped gifts, stockings and the other symbols.


We will allow our fabrics express our celebration.

That also gives you a chance to work with fabrics that will express your

celebration of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any holiday of your preference.

This challenge is quite different from our usual challenges but you will be

challenged and learn so much as we start.

You will get more comfortable with using African fabrics, develop yourĀ 

understandingĀ of colour, use of fabric and placement.


Within the 4 weeks of the challenge, we will learn how to

select fabrics,Ā cutting the fabrics, piecing and laying outĀ our blocks

to suit ourindividual preferences.


It's a large project but at the end of 4 weeks,Ā you will have a finished

a beautiful piece of art youĀ can useĀ in any way you want.


Challenge Kick-OffĀ - Friday, September 29
We will be having 4 weekly live sessions:
Session 1: Ā - Fabric Cutting Ā - Friday, October 6
Session 2: PiecingĀ - Friday, October 13
Session 3:Ā Layout & Finishing - Friday, October 20
Session 4: Show & Tell - Friday, October 27
Terms & Condition
1. This is a FREE Challenge but you
have to register to receive information, instructions
and details about the live sessions.
2. Everyone is required to finish their quilts within the challenge
period (September 29 - October 27, 2023)
3. You have to download the patternĀ created by
Kate Spain as well as theĀ instructions from this website:Ā

Ā ------------------------------------

The aim of the Quilt Africa Challenges is to:

šŸ§”Give us a opportunity to start and finish projects.
šŸ§”Feel good about your growing Ā collection of finished works.
šŸ§”Encourage everyone to gift pieces to friends and loved ones,
enter them into shows and competitions or exhibit them
in our local communities and beyond.

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