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The Quilt Africa Fabrics Online Show: A Mission

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As a young girl growing up, my mother bought my sister and I sewing machines.

On many many occasions she would schedule sewing times where she would teach us the basics of sewing. Often times, my job would be to make pillow cases.

Unfortunately, I was a restless child, I would squirm and squirm and and take so many water breaks, my lines were never straight and I never learnt much. 

It wasn't until I was staying home after the birth of my daughter that I decided to learn dress making, from then one I started a business making made-to measure clothes mostly for girls as well as teaching sewing classes.

It was during that time that I picked up quilting as a hobby, using only African Prints (Ankara).

Living in Africa, quilting as a craft and hobby is not popular and I had to learn with online resources, written tutorials and video trainings, and use the available fabric to me, African prints, needless to say, I loved the outcome!


But while I was learning it was difficult to find resources focused on African Fabrics.

Most fabrics used in Youtube videos and written tutorials were the usual fabrics, nothing ethnic or different.

The fears and the uncertainty I had as a beginner quilter using African Fabrics were not immediately eased because I saw nothing familiar.

The scarcity of African Fabrics in the quilting space was even more obvious when I started Quilt Africa Fabrics.

My experience and observation has made me very passionate about finding a place for Africa Fabrics in the global quilting and crafting community.

I'm on a mission to put African Fabrics in the hands of as many fibre artists as possible, while telling ancient and real time stories of our culture.


That is the reason why I decided to put together the first ever Quilt Africa Fabrics Online Show.


quilt africa fabrics online show

 Click the image to register.

The aim and purpose of this event is to bring together the quilting and crafting community around Africa, her Fabrics and Culture. 

Creating a time of quilting and crafting fun and learning around African Fabrics!


This year's event is happening from July 8-11, 2020.

Our speakers are from Africa and other parts of world, skilled people who are passionate about the crafts and have found a place for African Fabrics in their creativity.

There will also be different events such as a Show and Tell, HeadWrap Classes and so much more.



Join us and soak up the atmosphere of Africa and creativity!!


Don't forget do invite all your friends who would love to learn about and explore the versatility of African Fabrics For their creative projects!


You can register here! It's a free event!

The Quilt Africa Fabrics Online Conference 2021


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