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Quilt Africa Fabrics

BOM & Guild - LIFE LESSONS (Qtr 3)

BOM & Guild - LIFE LESSONS (Qtr 3)

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 Enroll today and receive 12 Fat Quarters all at once for 3 Blocks.

  1. Chevron
  2. Double Wedding Ring
  3. Diamond

A Quilter's Journey Through Africa In Patterns 

 I'm really excited about the BOM and I'm so glad you've decided to be a part of us! 

I've noticed that a lot of the quilting block patterns we made were mirror images of African patterns, symbols or representations of proverbs, adages and wise sayings used in our oral cultural traditions.

With this in mind, I put together a collection of patterns that tell the story of Togor Yamba, our heroine's journey through the course of her life.

Her life's stages -

  1. Beginnings & Births
  2. Connections with her family and community
  3. Lessons from her life's experiences
  4. Her identity - the culmination of everything she's been through. 

 In each of these stages, blocks express the experiences she's gone using the African cultural non-verbal language of symbols and patterns. 

 So, each month, you will recognise the BOM patterns as quilting patterns but during the course of the month, I will share with you the wealth of information about that pattern/symbol in different African cultures.

 This excites me because it's a perfect amalgamation of cultural Africa and quilting.

Another thing that excites me is that our heroine's journey is really the journey of all of us, as you will see.

 Once you have completed your registration, here's what you will expect:

  1. An invitation to the special Facebook Group where we all hang out and share questions, answers, insights, tutorials and more. 
  2. An information page where I outline all the 12 blocks of the year and our special project for each quarter of the year.
  3. The monthly dates for our lectures where we deep dive to explore the African meaning, examples in use and other information about the month's Block.
  4. Tutorials for each month's pattern.



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