A Quilter's Journey Through Africa In Patterns - Togor Yamba


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Togor is certain she has seen at least 55 harvests, maybe more, she doesn't know. 

Her mother and father can't agree which of the noble rulers was on the throne, so it might be 65 or even 70 harvests.

Her father asserts it was the year of the great famine, when Mai Nganti ruled.

He teases that he vividly remembers hearing her loud baby screams from the outskirts of the village just as he and the other warriors arrived from foraging for food in the surrounding forests. 

Her mother, on the hand, insists it was the year the Mai Kalorgu, their most powerful king received an entourage of royals from the neighbouring land and because of the rivalry between them put on a great festival in their honour to show off his power and wealth. 

Nne says yes, he had just come back from a long journey but it was from escorting the visitors back to their land. Being the only surviving one of his age-group, there was no way to verify from the other warriors.

Whatever the number of harvests she has seen, she has come to the realisation that life is a wave and a circle, there are times of peace and great joy, and then without notice things change. 

She has tried to rise above the losses and bitter experiences that have followed her over the seasons, each time she struggles to forget and begin again.