Flat Rate Shipping

Unfortunately, shipping out of Africa today is still similar to the days when African merchants loaded up camel caravans and had to cross the sandy deserts laden with the exotic riches of Africa.

 My fabrics go through the same rigours crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans getting you.

We are still a continent in development, trying to catch up to your well functioning systems and processes.

Being way behind means I face a lot of logistical challenges getting fabrics to you.

 The obvious consequence is the high cost of shipping.

Please bear with me; I am constantly working and looking out for ways to ship to you in a secure, fast and affordable way.

The hassles of Shipping has brought me to the edge of abandoning the business so many times but I am glad I stayed on because things are a whole lot better than they used to be.

 That comforts me. I take every little progress as a sign that things can only get better; costs will get lower and there will be more options of service providers.

I have to acknowledge all of you who were never deterred by the higher than average costs, you kept me in business.

Thank you so much.

Until things get better, I promise to keep doing my best supplying you with the best fabrics I can possibly find in the best possible way I can.

I hope this chart helps you plan out your shopping better rather than discourage you from buying from me.

 God bless you always!