A Look at Our Shipping Process



shipping by quilt Africa fabrics

Unfortunately, shipping out of Africa today is still similar to the days when African merchants loaded up camel caravans and had to cross the sandy deserts laden with the exotic riches of Africa.

Or when explorers braved the oceans in their ships for years on voyages of discovery

 My fabrics go through the same rigors crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans getting you.

We are still a continent in development, trying to catch up to your well functioning systems and processes. Being way behind means I face a lot of logistical challenges getting fabrics to you.

 The obvious consequence is the high cost of shipping.

 As you probably know, our national postal service is very very inefficient and that makes international and even local shipping very difficult.

I've had to be creative finding a good and reliable way of getting fabrics to you.

 Currently, I am in partnership with DHL and all orders are shipped with them. Orders that meet the weight requirements that make it justifiable are shipped directly to the owners.

However, smaller orders are shipped to fulfilment partners in different countries and are then forwarded to their respective owners using each country's local postal system.

 We have a good team and a solid system in the US, Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Europe (we're always on the lookout to establish more). That's the only way I'm able to keep shipping fees as low as they are. Unfortunately that often means a longer shipping period.

As highlighted in our shipping policy, we work hard to ensure your orders are shipped with 14 business days but more often than not, it extends to 20 days; (thankfully not so often), it's been known to go beyond that.

Once a member of our team receives my shipment, they work quickly to process them and forward them to you through her nearest post office and sends out a shipping notification to you, so don't be surprised if your order doesn't carry my African postal mark.

 I just want to assure you that no matter what your order will definitely reach you soon. We haven't lost an order yet and we don't intend to start with yours🥰

If there's anything I can do to further put your mind at ease, please send me an email: miriam@quiltafricafabrics.com and I will do my best to address your concerns. 

 Below is the shipping rate guide to help you keep an eye on shipping costs as you place your orders.

 Thank you once again for your order and I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.