CHALLENGE BRIEF: (Choose any 1 or more subjects)

Feature African Cultural Patterns, Colours or Symbols for the following:-

1. Create a portrait or representation of a Black people (e.g. any tribe) whom you have a connection to or admire.
2. Create a portrait to honour a black figure of ANY NATIONALITY who has impacted the heritage and/or culture of Black people.
3. Create an abstract or any form of representation to depict a Black cultural event in ANY COUNTRY (festival, marriage or naming ceremony etc).
2. Create a representation of an event or period that was pivotal to Black Culture (Reigns of notable Kings and Queens, eras where bravery and valiant actions made an impact to ANY GROUP OF BLACK PEOPLE WORLDWIDE).

1. Wall Hangings: 24"×24" - 45"×45"
2. Quilts: 50"×50" - 80"×80"
3. Wearable Art: May be any garment that is wearable (Must be Displayed on a model or mannequin).

1. There are no limits to the number of different quilts or garments you can make and enter.
2. You can use a pattern or create your own design. All methods, sewing, quilting and embellishment techniques are eligible.
3. You must use only African prints and solids.
4. You must use a minimum of 10 Fat Quarters from the Quilt Africa Fabrics store.
The rest of your fabrics may be from other sources.
Purchasing the 10 Fat Quarters automatically signs you up.
5. Photos of completed quilt and garments will be accepted.
6. The outside of your garment must adhere to the guidelines as state .
7. In addition, your lining may be your fabric of choice (silk, lightweight cotton, satin) to name a few.

1. Share your progress and projects on your social media pages using the hashtag: #qafchallenge.
2. Follow the challenge rules and requirements and submit 2 clear digital images of the finished work by April 30, 2021.

• February 01, 2021— Challenge Opens
• April 30, 2021— Challenge Deadline.
• May 10, 2020— Winners Announced.
All entries submitted will be reviewed by a panel of Judges.


Winners receive a Quilt Africa Fabrics Gift Card worth $50 to use at the Store.
All decisions made are final.

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