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My Very First Quilt!

Sometime 4 years ago, I got obsessed with quilting.

Every free chance I got, I'd go on Pinterest and browse and browse, searching and looking at the wonderful quilts.

I'd stare at the more complicated looking patterns, wondering how it all came together.

I was drawn to the obvious square placements of the 9-square patch and kept telling myself I could do this.

It took a while but I finally took the first step and got together my fabric pieces.

With my device bookmarked to a Youtube tutorial and a blog post, I started cutting the 4.5" squares.


The first thing I did was measure the squares on my fabric and cut a few of the squares from the fabrics and used them as templates.


Looking back now, I can't believe I got through the frustrating process of cutting squares with just my tape measure and a pair of scissors.


Later on, Judy, one of my quilting friends, would tell me that I could have made templates from cereal boxes, the would be stronger. Duh!


After a few weeks of cutting, quitting and cutting again, I had enough squares to make my blocks.


The blocks look like how I stored them scrunched up in a bag, they were very precious and went everywhere with me!


I spent another couple of weeks moving the squares around and finally pieced my blocks.

It wasn't difficult deciding to sash and frame the blocks with black solid. It made the fabrics pop wonderfully.


The black sashing was one of many I tried, I love how it frames the blocks.


With my quilt top finished, I opted to line it with another solid fabric to act as batting and then sewed on the backing.

That was a good decision because we get to use it all year round in our warm tropical weather.


I had no idea that there were online communities like Facebook Groups I could have joined.


The journey of my first quilt was lonely, I was uncertain a lot of the times, I had to work out by myself all the questions the blogs and videos didn't answer.

 My first quilt, a family favourite!

I'm so happy I pressed on despite the difficulties.

I loved the whole process of choosing fabrics, deciding on a pattern and working to make it come all together. Even the hard bits of ripping stitches to correct my errors was so satisfying.


My dream one day is to turn my corner of Africa from a place where there  are no quilt shops, :

or quilting tools to a quilting haven.

A place where anyone can easily find resources tailored to our African fabrics; readily available information, support and tools that will make their journey much easier than mine.


I have taken the first step to that journey with the Quilt Africa Fabrics Block of The Month Club, a growing community where we gather together weekly to learn quilting techniques, share tips support each other and work with beautiful African fabrics.


If you want to learn more about the Block of The Month Club, click on the link below:

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  • Your quilting is art!
    It’s wonderful to read about your journey and see your beautiful quilt this morning.
    Keep soaring.

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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